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In the First Months of 2023 ECHO Houses 60 Individuals and Families


Paso Robles and Atascadero, CA (May 10, 2023) – El Camino Homeless Shelter (ECHO), has seen an astounding number of successes from their programs in 2023. This Year ECHO has successfully helped over 60 individuals and families, that were facing homelessness in our community, get back into stable housing. Working out of two Campuses in Atascadero and Paso Robles, ECHO is able to offer 110 shelter beds for both families and individuals. They offer a range of services from a 90-Day Residential Shelter Programs, Community Outreach, Individualized Case Management, Housing Plans, On-Site Community Resources, children’s programs and more.


“Being the first in the county to adopt the 90-Day Residential Shelter Program model has helped us to grow into the organization we are today,” said Wendy Lewis, CEO and Executive Director of ECHO. “The stability that we are able to offer residents while on their journey’s back into housing, our dedicated staff, caring volunteers, and the incredible support of the community have all led to the incredible success stories that we are seeing this year.”


Every Sunday, ECHO posts a new success story to their social media pages – and Instagram @echoshelter, highlighting some of the journeys that the residents there have been through to get back into housing. In a recent success story, Candice, Arron, and their son shared their story.


Candice and Aaron came to ECHO with one goal in mind. To find the stability they needed to reunite with their baby boy and make their family whole. When this family first came to our program, the family had been separated and knew that they needed help to take the necessary steps to build a stable life. Taking a leap of faith, and trusting in the support of their ECHO case manager, this family got to work. 


They found stability in our 90-Day Program and were able to work with the supportive services offered to them. They followed every requirement, worked on themselves and learned, and with the backing of two very supportive organizations, this family, together, found a place to call their own. They are on the path to success and we cannot wait to see what comes from all their efforts and dedication. 


To celebrate all of the amazing success stories from both the Atascadero and Paso Robles Campus, ECHO partnered with Browder Painting who donated the work and created a new mural at each location. On this mural, each blue hand represents and individual or family that has moved out of the 90- Day Residential Shelter Program and into a home of their own.


 Want to learn more about how you can be a part of the impact in your community? Visit to learn more about how you can support and give back.

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