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Kassie and Gisele recently joined our 90 Day Resident Shelter Program at our Paso Robles Campus. They had been trying to get back on their feet but were constantly hit by setback after setback. After hearing about another success story from ECHO’s 90 Day Program. “We heard about all the success stories from ECHO and we cannot believe that we are now writing our own!” By tapping into the resources ECHO offered, and having a safe place to sleep at night, the pair went to work on filling out job applications and taking their first steps on their journey back into housing. By working with the community and their ECHO Case Manager Maria, the pair even received new attire for their upcoming interviews. Within the first month of staying at ECHO this pair has already started not one but two jobs!! “Within a month we secured employment, but we were not stopping there. I decided to get a second job so I would be able to save more money.” This duo is doing an amazing job and we look forward to seeing what they do next!

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Due to the storms that hit the Central Coast this winter, Crystal and her family lost their housing and were searching for help. They were nervous about coming to ECHO and didn't know where to begin. After speaking with our case management team about the resources ECHO offered, they decided to join our 90-Day Shelter Program in hopes of finding stability and housing. While working closely with their ECHO case manager, Crystal found that the foundation the program offered her, allowed her to start setting goals for her and her family's future. Even through the lows of her journey, Crystal never gave up hope and was able to overcome every obstacle that she was faced with. As she took on every challenge, Crystal realized how many people at ECHO were there to support her, and wanted her to succeed. Through her efforts, and by working closely with her ECHO team, Crystal and her family now have a beautiful place to call their own. We wish Crystal and her family nothing but the best as they take this amazing step in their housing journey.


After going through a life changing event that left them facing homelessness, Stacee and her family found themselves in need of stability and a helping hand. For Stacee and her family, ECHO became that stability. The first few months were extremely difficult for this family to adjust to these circumstances. Once Stacee started to trust in her ECHO case manager and that the program was there to help, she began to search for permanent housing and was able to connect with resources to further her education.

As time passed, Stacee worked with her case manager to keep applying for housing opportunities, even when her applications were rejected, she never lost her faith. She had a plan of getting her family a place of their own where her and her children could reunite with their pets and settle down. Through conversations and encouragement from her case manager, Stacee came across an individual who was renting a property who listened to her story. After the property owner heard the work that Stacee was doing, an agreement was signed and she was able to make her vision come true. We wish Stacee and her children the best as they start this new beginning and with so many opportunities!


“My name is Sam and I am a disabled survivor of domestic violence. When I was at my lowest point, ECHO provided me with essential services that allowed me to get back on my feet. They connected me with housing and provided me with other necessary resources. I could not have asked for better help in my time of need. For everyone involved, thank you for supporting me. Nothing goes unappreciated. This chance given, will help me start a new chapter in my life, which is a huge step for me. I am looking forward to the journey ahead."

We are so excited to see Sam take this next step on their housing journey! 


Michael has been working with ECHO for only a month, but has approached every situation with a can-do attitude. After applying for several openings, Michael is starting a job at a local Jiffy Lube changing oil and learning the ropes! He is excited for this experience, and is willing to learn so he can secure this great opportunity.


Yocelin came to Echo in September of 2022, just after giving birth to her second daughter. Yocelin was a single mother of now 2 children under the age of 1, and no support system to turn to. ECHO became that foundation for her to get on her feet. She met weekly with her case manager, Maria, where she put in the work to connect with community resources. She moved from the nightly shelter into the 90 day program to add more stability to her and her family. After taking some maternity leave, Yocelin was quick to apply for local employment opportunities and was hired very quickly. Through community resources and the help of her case manager, she was able to get child care set up for her young family. Yocelin and Maria worked on a plan to save money and then began the search for housing. Today, Yocelin has a place of her own with her beautiful daughters! We are so thankful we were able to provide her with a safe place to stay with her daughters while she got back on her feet. We wish nothing but the best for Yocelin as she takes this next step on her journey! 

Freelancer Working from Home

When Jennifer first became a Resident of the 90-day Program at ECHO she had a difficult time adjusting to a new environment. Leading with a kind and gentle personality, she worked through those challenges and really began to open up and engage with her case manager. Together the duo worked on identifying community resources that could assist in finding resources and learning new life skills through our programing that could help her to maintain that housing. Because of her enthusiasm to gain knowledge and continue to grow, Jennifer was able to successfully move forward into housing. We wish her nothing but the best as she takes this amazing step! 


Richard came to ECHO because he wanted to turn his life around. He had been facing homelessness for over 10 years, and he had struggled with many things in his life. But he was determined to make a change for the better. Richard entered into the 90 Day Shelter Program in Atascadero. He quickly became one of the most focused and ambitious clients our case management team had ever had the pleasure of working with. He didn’t just want to get housed, he wanted to better every aspect of his life. Richard and his case manager had spent the last few months accessing available resources to ensure his health was in good condition and got everything in order for him to be successful on his own. Richard faced some setbacks, but he prevailed through them all. He was patient and consistent with his efforts, no matter what life threw at him. Finally, after months of hard work, patience, and determination, Richard finally got into housing! He still comes by from time to time to say thank you and check in with his old case manager, and always with a big smile. 


When Christopher first came to our Nightly Dinner Program at our Atascadero Campus, he quickly connected with our Outreach Team. Christopher had been in and out of programs and battling addiction for nine years, but he wanted to start taking steps towards getting housed. While talking about different job opportunities and potential paths, our Outreach Case Manager Rich shared a story about how he used to drive for Uber. Christopher was hooked on the idea and went to work right away. He met regularly with his case manager and worked with ECHO and the DMV to attain his Drivers License. Christopher then signed up with the ride share app and actually rented a car to be able to start working and taking clients. Now, Christopher has saved up enough money and is meeting with Richard on a regular basis as the two are filling out rental applications here in our community. We are all wishing Christopher nothing but the best! 


Deborah was a guest of our nightly Meal Program at our Atascadero Campus. After coming by a few times she started to trust our staff and began to work on a housing plan with our Outreach Case Management team. Even though she never stayed in any of our Shelter Programs, Deborah continued to work with her case manager and tap into available community resources. After just a few months, she is now happily moving into a place of her own and we want to wish Deborah nothing but the best as she takes this step in her journey into housing.


A lifetime of drinking left Kyle crippled, mentally depleted, and feeling cast out and unwanted. But he made the decision to enter rehab and work on his sobriety. Through his unwavering dedication and belief, Kyle remained sober, even when facing homelessness upon graduating his program. Kyle made the decision to return home to the Central Coast and made his way to the ECHO Campus in Paso Robles. Kyle hit the ground running and never missed a single case management appointment, and was always willing to lend a helping hand. And finally, all that dedication, belief, and hard work paid off, and Kyle signed the lease to his apartment. We were so grateful to have spent time with Kyle and watch his perseverance and resilience. We wish Kyle nothing but the best as he takes this next step in his journey.

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Before Christopher came to ECHO, he was living a very nomadic lifestyle. He faced a lot of hurdles early in adulthood and struggled to get his life in order for some time. When he was finally ready to seriously look for stable living, he came back to his hometown and found himself at ECHO.
Christopher has put in a lot of dedication and work since his first day here. He has been super motivated to find a place. He has taken the time to put other things in his life in order as well so that he could ensure that he would be successful once he was on his own. Since being here, Christopher has gotten a job, fixed up his car, attended all of his appointments, found a studio, and successfully completed all the paperwork to finish the moving process. He said this is the first time since moving into ECHO that he has truly felt a sense of peace and security. We couldn’t be more proud of his success! Being photo shy, he sent this picture to express his happiness and it means as much to us as a big smile. Thank you supporters for helping us help others.


Meet Isaiah. Here is the story of an individual who utilized our emergency shelter program at our Paso Robles campus as a landing pad to pull himself out of homelessness. Isaiah came to this area to stay with family, get a job, and eventually find his own place. He was able to find the job, but with rising rent, and strain on the household, he made the decision to leave. He ended up homeless and on the street, unable to save the money he needed for a deposit on a place of his own. But then Isaiah found ECHO, a resource in his community, and near his job, where he could safely lay his head at night and take a shower before work. When asked to describe Isaiah, his case manager Maria talked about his motivation and commitment to getting back on his feet. He worked every available shift, 6 days a week, and stayed in the emergency shelter rooms every night he could. On his day off, Isaiah would stay at the campus and offer to help staff with chores and cleaning up around the campus. With encouragement from case management, he began to reach out and apply to apartments and housing in the area. Isaiah saved up enough and finally accomplished his goal of finding his own place. Isaiah will be missed, but we are all very excited for him to take this amazing step into housing. 


John had been renting a place in town for over 20 years, but then his landlord decided that they no longer wanted to rent the house where John had lived. As he began to look for a new place, he struggled to find a place that he could afford on his fixed income and eventually ended up homeless and alone. John then discovered ECHO Paso Robles and found a safe place where he could lay his head. He eventually applied for the 90 day program and began working on a housing plan with a case manager. He applied for low income housing, and was encouraged by his case manager to begin saving money for when a place became available. After a few months he had saved so much that his case manager encouraged him to reach out to friends to see if anyone might be renting a room, and with a little luck one friend just happened to have an opening! John is very caring and has shared his words of wisdom, experiences and has always looked out for others. He will truly be missed by all at the Paso Robles shelter. John will continue to work with his case manager to get a place of his own but we are all excited to see him take this step forward into housing.


Grayson is a Navy veteran that has found himself houseless in and out for the past several years. He left the United States to be with family in Panama but returned to try and find work and bring his family here. After becoming houseless again, Grayson found his way to ECHO Paso Robles and became a nightly client utilizing the emergency shelter. Grayson eventually connected with a veteran on our staff and began to accept case management and work on a housing plan. He showed up to every meeting with a quick wit and a good sense of humor. After working with case management since November, and accessing his veteran benefits, Grayson was able to find stable and supportive housing here on the Central Coast. We wish him the best as he moves forward into housing. 

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