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Meet Reece


Meet Kelly, one of our amazing ECHO residents who recently moved into the apartment of her dreams! Kelly’s journey has been filled with challenges, but her hard work, determination, and relentless spirit have brought her to this incredible milestone.

Two years ago, Kelly found herself living out of her car after her father passed away unexpectedly. She had been living with him, but when he passed, nothing was in order for his home in his will. She soon found herself living out of her car, working tirelessly to save up for her own place.

During this difficult time, Kelly decided to donate some of her belongings and discovered ECHO. Little did she know, this visit would change her life. After talking with our staff, she realized ECHO was exactly what she needed.


Kelly began staying in our nightly rooms and found a job at Smart & Final. Her dedication quickly paid off as she moved from stocking to pricing manager and then to inventory manager. Kelly even helped fellow ECHO residents secure jobs at her workplace.

When Kelly first arrived at ECHO, her credit score was low and her debt was high. She used her time at ECHO wisely, paying off all her debt and boosting her credit score by 200 points. These efforts led to her being accepted into the apartment she had always dreamed of.

“I’m happy! I have a balcony, it’s beautiful, clean, and quiet. Every morning I wake up, I’m still in awe of my apartment.  I can’t even believe that two years ago I was living out of my car and now I’m here! 


Meet Roxy, a resilient, vibrant, and optimistic woman whose journey of perseverance through numerous challenges is truly inspiring.

Several years ago, Roxy's life took an unexpected turn. She lived with her grandmother, who was like a mother to her. When her grandmother passed away, Roxy faced not only the grief of losing a loved one but also the loss of her home, as it belonged to her grandmother. As if that wasn't enough, the pandemic struck, and Roxy, who worked as a dog groomer, found herself unable to continue her job. With each setback, the pressure mounted, and Roxy, who had been sober for 7 years, found herself spiraling back into addiction.

Fortunately, someone she loves re-entered her life and encouraged her to seek help. With their support, encouragement, and guidance, Roxy took the brave step of committing to get clean and signed up for the 90-day program. With determination and the support of her loved ones, she embarked on a journey to turn her life around.

When Roxy received the call that she was accepted into the 90-day program at ECHO, she was scared yet determined. She knew she needed stability, and she found exactly that at ECHO.

In just a few months, Roxy made remarkable progress. She secured a part-time job, excelled at it, and was offered a full-time position, eventually being promoted to a lead role. Through hard work and saving while living at ECHO, she managed to buy herself a vehicle.

 Roxy made the most of the opportunities ECHO offered and accomplished all her goals.

Today, we're thrilled and proud to share that Roxy is housed!

"I wouldn't have been able to do it without the stability of having somewhere to lay my head at night, to eat and be safe. It feels so good to be able to work hard and appreciate what comes from that."


“Can you think of somewhere that you feel secure, safe? That’s here for me. That’s why I keep coming back. I don’t feel any judgments here.”

Meet Rene, a man of incredible strength, humility, and compassion. His journey hasn't been easy, but through resilience and the support of ECHO, he's transformed his life.

Once, Rene led a life he looks back on fondly, working as a chef alongside his beloved girlfriend. They were fixtures at ECHO, volunteering their time as meal providers & helping with meal registration when ECHO first started. Tragically, Rene's world shattered when his girlfriend passed away, and soon after, his home burned down. Left with nothing but grief and uncertainty, Rene found himself chronically unhoused, relying on his car for shelter.

Despite his hardships, Rene found solace and support at ECHO. For years, he accessed resources, showers, and meals, all while maintaining employment in the food industry. When he learned about the 90-day program, he seized the opportunity for stability and applied.

Rene is candid about his struggles with addiction, mental health, and past incarceration. With the help of therapy and support groups, he found clarity and strength to overcome. In the 90-day program, Rene found a new job and diligently saved for a home of his own, all while giving back to ECHO through volunteering.

Today, we're thrilled to announce that Rene is housed!! His resilience and determination have led him to this moment, and we couldn't be prouder.

Rene is still working with his case manager & he still stops by ECHO dinners a couple of times a week. When asked why he continues to come, Rene shares, 

The martinez Family

Meet this sweet family of 4, The Martinez Family.

As they share their names, Lili chimes in and excitedly recounts the story about how her and her brother came up with the name for their baby sister. The bond and love the family has for each other is instantly evident.

Before arriving at ECHO, the family was living in a trailer out in the country of Paso Robles. Unfortunately, the landlord gave them the bad news that they would no longer be able to stay there.


She didn’t know what to do. The saving connection was the school district that her kids went to. She shared what was going on and the school recommended her to seek out services at ECHO.

When she came to ECHO, she only had 20 dollars to her name. Thankfully, they entered into the 90 day program and quickly got connected to resources. She recounts how grateful she was that she came to ECHO and how they helped her with so much, opening so many doors, especially for what her youngest daughter needed.

“To be honest it was very hard for me to accept that she was sick. She seemed healthy and like my other babies when they were little. But then she started to get worse. The seizure’s started to happen again, her eyes slowly started not to find me anymore. Her situation just got harder. We even got to a situation where she couldn’t even breathe on her own. It was hard to understand and accept that this would be her life."

While she’s reminiscing about her time here she gets filled with gratitude and exclaims, “Bell has helped me so much in motivating and directing me on what to do and accomplishing it”. Her case manager, Bell right besides her chimes in on how much work Vianira put in. She talks about how she would take the bus to SLO with all her kids to get to appointments and apply for resources for her daughter. Once Bell directed her in where to find resources; Vianira was driven to get where she needed to go and get the job done. The kids sweetly chime in about how much they try to help her too, in whatever she might need.

We are so excited to announce that this beautiful family of 4 has found permanent housing! They moved in just a couple of weeks ago. They excitedly ran around the new apartment, looking in every nook and cranny that was now all their own, their home.


"I honestly didn’t have connections to resources or help. I didn’t know where to go. Here, at ECHO, everything changed! Everything was new but where I got the most help.”

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