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6370 Atascadero Avenue

Atascadero, CA 93422

(805) 462-FOOD (3663)

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© 2019 El Camino Homeless Organization 501(3)(c) Non-Profit

Kandy K. Noel, Board Chair
SVP, Director Wealth Management,

Mechanics Bank


David Crabtree, Vice Chair
Real Estate Broker


Nina Leschinsky, Secretary

Hospitality & Wine Industry Professional


Amy Freeman, Board CFO

Marketing & Promotion, Wine Production Industry

Becky Gray
must! Charities CEO

Viviane Kirk
Master of Social Work

Jen Miller
Public Health Program Manager


Reggie Brard
Owner, ProBilt, Inc.


John LeCaro
Program Manager, City of Paso Robles

Andy Hays

Wendy Lewis
President & CEO
805 792-0090

Jeff Al-Mashat

Homeless Services Director, Paso Robles

805 703-1418

Samantha Zimmer
Client Services Manager
805 539-7503


Dayna Wilkinson
Shelter & Case Manager
805 539-7857

Mimi Rodriguez
Associate Director
805 462-7527

Kristie Steele

Daytime Shelter & Programs Manager

805 703-1419

Sandra Sanchez
Data Entry Clerk
805 462-3663


Raychel Nowak
Volunteer Outreach Coordinator
805 539-7858

Jim Dewing - Maintenance
Patrick Lieser - Network Project Lead
Mark Peters - Overnight Chaperone Volunteer Resident




The ECHO team consists of a group of dedicated volunteer board members and staff.

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